Namibia Business Blacklist

Make an informed decision before you do business.


Our mission

Too many small and medium businesses simply do not have the finances or capacity to collect what is rightly due to them. This leaves the door wide open for scammers and bullshitters to request and even procure products or services, with no intention to pay.


The time has come, where these people will be exposed far and wide, until such time as the issue at hand is resolved. And long after that, all these issues will be searchable on the internet for all to see, impeding such sammers' ability to do other innocent people in.


Register yourself as a Grievance Lister. List your issues in full detail. And let the internet do the rest.


Times have changed. Trust no-one!

Voluntary Service


This is a free voluntary service, aimed at the honest Namibians, to the detriment of the dishonest scammers. No money is derived from this site. But we hope to save some honest people thousands of Nam dollars.



All submissions will be checked for authenticity in order to protect people against vindictive actions. So don't try to smear your ex. We will find out and you will be the one listed. We are thorough.


Please take note before you post something. We are giving NAMPOL full access to this site, in order to correllate with potential other scamming or fraud cases.